Reviews for "How To Make Friends and then Kill Them"!

"Ponton, in a smashing off-Broadway debut, imbues the innocent Dorrie with the most frightening of human qualities: unconditional love." -TheaterMania


"When bitchy Ada befriends guileless Dorrie (wonderful Ponton), the codependent sisters feed jealously on her bewildered love...the sweet girl is a balloon waiting to be popped." -TimeOutNY


"...[These] may be... the three greatest performances seen on stage this year...Ponton...proffers a very unique and affecting comic touch in an exceptionally strong field... Ponton delivers an utterly convincing performance."-EdgeontheNet


"Ponton [is] loveable... almost unsettlingly so, like the puppy that craves love even after it's been kicked. " -CurtainUp


"Guffaws and heartache follow Ms. Ponton’s breathless exhilaration at having any friends at all. " -Scribicide


"Jen Ponton is perfectly believable and funny as the brow-beaten, bedraggled Dorrie." -NYTheaterNow


"How to Make Friends and Kill Them is a fine introduction to three young actresses who are very much worth knowing about." -Lighting & Sound America


"In excellent, deliberately-exaggerated, almost-grotesque performances, the three actresses make this downward spiral a visceral nightmare." -Maxamoo


"A twinkly, engaging, ample-yet-shapely blonde cupcake"

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