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Love on the Run: 3 Days!

Here's another blast from the past! The first days on set for LOVE ON THE RUN...

"I'm writing LIVE on my one day off for the entire shoot! FRANNY began filming yesterday in scenic upstate New York, where it's been gorgeous and sunny and full of vibrant autumn colors!

I hopped in the car with our producer and production coordinator to get to set for an EARLY start on Monday! The whole crew came to the headquarters on Sunday night, and we threw a celebratory BBQ in the freezing cold with a giant bonfire going. It's like camp for adults! XD

I moseyed on over to hair and make-up at the crack of dawn to get tanned, glowy and bouffanted. Our H/MU team--Yiselle and Morgan--are so friendly and super-lovely, and we'd gotten to know each other at the bonfire. I was then suited up into full bizarre Franny apparel. Franny really marches to the beat of her own drum. So a glittery lily-pad shirt paired with a tropical gypsy skirt and hot pink Keds? MARVELOUS. After I was all dressed and ready to go, I hopped in the car with our 2nd AD, Niki (who I adore), and swallowed a quick cup of coffee and an egg sandwich. I was catapulted into the first scene shot--which was me in my car, Sweet Yellow (a yellow 1965 Mustang). This poor car! It's SO broken-down and falling apart--so much so that the floor under the passenger seat has disintegrated. We moved to a scene that required that poor car to move--which meant it was going in neutral, and the Art dept. was pushing in the back. ;) 

Sweet Yellow after a rigorous push up the hill.

Sweet Yellow after a rigorous push up the hill.

We also shot a scene in a drive-through, and I moved to a SECOND car full of character--one being billed as a green Pinto! I got to order food from an apathetic fast food server, played by our director. :) So fun! We then moved to this gorgeous boutique for a shopping scene, where I worked with my first principal actor, Alicia Sable as the sales girl. I had Tuesday off, but visited the set of Franny's employ, a dog grooming salon. I met Frances Fisher, who plays my mother (SHE IS THE BEST), and I can't wait to work with her! I'm actually on set right this moment as I type, in a quick break while they film a shot that I'm not in. :) I get to play with dogs all day, and my bosses are Broadway actresses Mary Testa and Ruth Gottschall! Sooooo fun. Best job to date, hands down. :) "