What's Up?

Love on the Run: 4 days!

It's my pleasure to bring back some relics from the past from when we were in production on LOVE ON THE RUN!

LOVE ON THE RUN is a romantic road comedy, starring myself and Frances Fisher, Steve Howey and Annaleigh Ashford. It's directed by Ash Christian (Petunia, Mangus!, Hurricane Bianca) and distributed by TriCoast Worldwide. And we release ALMOST RIGHT NOW.

So here's your first blast from the past as you prepare to meet Franny:

"If the idea that 'every actor has their breakout role' is true, then here is mine:

I've just booked the starring, title role in the new indie feature film FRANNY. XD

(me, later, on-set as Franny)

It was a long process--the role is so perfect for me, and I auditioned for it, like, a month ago! There were weeks of hearing nothing, and then out of the BLUE, my manager called me last week telling me that I'd been called back to read with the casting directors and the director, Ash Christian.

*(Small world: Ash and I were actually both cast in King Kelly! We had no scenes together and had never met, but we ended up being Facebook buds before I even realized he was directing!)

I had my callback with the PalmStar gents and Ash, and we just had the BEST time. It felt so right, and I felt like it just HAD to be what was next for me.

Lo and behold, my manager--who has the best way of leaving cryptic voicemails when I've booked something ("You're in big trouble. Call me back.")--put on his best aloof voice as he asked me when I'd be going to LA.

"Well, I'm NOT, if I'm Franny!"
"Well then, I guess you're not going to LA, kiddo!"

And it's true--I will likely NOT be fulfilling that trip, since we're shooting for 3-5 weeks starting in November! I'll miss my friends, but clearly, booking something like this was the whole reason I intended on going in the first place. ;)

I am so, so SO VERY EXCITED. As we go into production, I will do my best to supply pictures and news and even video!


I would be utterly remiss if I didn't mention the GIANT FLOODS OF SUPPORT AND LOVE AND POSITIVITY that my friends and family and peers and colleagues (and acquaintances, even!) have unleashed upon me! I swam against the current of others' faith for so long, and I'm finally at a point where all my people are better cheerleaders than I could have even hoped for! You can't have any idea how much it means to me, or how wonderful it feels when you express your belief, support, love and congratulations to me. It means EVERYTHING!

MUCH love right back to all of you! <3 <3 <3