What's Up?

Back from LA

Just returned from magical La-La-Land (man, I used to use that all the time--and now I'm pretty sure I can't for a solid 10 years), after doing something SUPER-FUN and top secret that will be revealed very, very soon! For now, having a jumpin' pilot season, and enjoying the snowscape out here with the dog. I've also been doing a ton of writing--very exciting, and more on that to come, for sure. 

Also, my Mortified performance just 'aired' on the Mortified Podcast--check it out! 


Jen Gets Mortified

This Thursday, I get to take part in something I've been obsessed with for a couple of years--MORTIFIED.

For those not familiar with it, Mortified is a multi-platform storytelling entity (live shows, podcasts, a documentary and a short-lived television series) that uses real, well, mortifying texts crafted by people when they were young. This is most often adolescent diaries and journals, but for some, it's poetry, songs, and fiction that they wrote. 

I'm working on getting my diaries curated, but in the meantime, I was a very lonely kid when I was in (what amounts to) middle school--so to cope with that, I started writing friend fiction. (No, it wasn't erotic a la Tina Belcher...but it was just as full of desperate fantasy). 

Come see me shake and read some of my childhood writings at Mortified NYC, at Littlefield in Brooklyn--Thursday, Sept. 8th. :)